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art by enzo

words of the prophets
 April 21 - 23. 2023
@ The Cell theater, nyc
Written by vayl larkin
presented by the why collective

directed / choreographed by Jnk Enzo

at galeria geraldes da silva, sept. 2022


"These works are conceptualized and realized as a mental process of and through the Transatlantic Slave Trade which created and profited off of a consumption culture around Blackness, the black femme body and the labor it produces, and perhaps all the things we will never get back. Working through themes of flesh-for-capital, jouissance– specifically brown jouissance as theorized by Amber Musser, Enzo picks the scab of Western society’s insatiable consumption of these enslaved people, queerness, femininity, while simultaneously they deny it’s necessity–that which built  our capitalistic, racist, sexist, xenophobic, transphobic, homophobic societies in which we survive. It is only with open minds and open eyes that we escape the system. Enzo also explores the homoerotic nature of white European/American cannibalism, African witchcraft, and the notion of cleanliness and blood purity as defined by Catholicism/Christianity; this work seeks to confront the inhumane history of white supremacy, erasing the silence. This is a struggle through mental and physical disability and an embrace of what is, not what should have been."


@ Artes Mota Galiza, Portugal, sept. 2022

@ Galeria Geraldes da Silva, Portugal, sept. 2022

the first day
La Sua Cena - a tale told by enzo