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JNK enzo

performance & interdisciplinary artist
actor | director | writer

film + theater + digital media + New technologies + literature + photography

Free palestine | Free sudan | Free DRC

porto, portugal
multimedia installation and performance 

@ Artes Mota Galiza, Portugal, sept. 2022

@ Galeria Geraldes da Silva, Portugal, sept. 2022


"These works are conceptualized and realized as a mental process of and through the Transatlantic Slave Trade which created and profited off of a consumption culture around Blackness, the black femme body and the labor it produces, and perhaps all the things we will never get back. Working through themes of flesh-for-capital, jouissance– specifically brown jouissance as theorized by Amber Musser, Enzo picks the scab of Western society’s insatiable consumption of these enslaved people, queerness, femininity, while simultaneously they deny it’s necessity–that which built  our capitalistic, racist, sexist, xenophobic, transphobic, homophobic societies in which we survive. It is only with open minds and open eyes that we escape the system. Enzo also explores the homoerotic nature of white European/American cannibalism, African witchcraft, and the notion of cleanliness and blood purity as defined by Catholicism/Christianity; this work seeks to confront the inhumane history of white supremacy, erasing the silence. This is a struggle through mental and physical disability and an embrace of what is, not what should have been."

selected works:

what t**y wont do is...
aka mygreenhome

July 30, 2022 - Prague, cz @ Pragovka gallery




Screenshot 2022-07-26 120735.png

directed by sarwar habib, starring enzo

international film festival manhattan - selected

the first day
 enzo & diane davis

"The consideration of perspective overtly occupies the center of the next two plays. In First Day, devised by {JNK} Enzo with director Diane Davis, Enzo is Dr. NWA, an art history professor who is introducing her distance-learning class to the course's focus on decolonization. She is upfront about the failure of the "American Experiment," and leads her sometimes uninformed, sometimes resistant students through the ideas that art examines human activities and is itself a form of history, with all of the issues of power and oppression involved in how history is constructed. She confronts her students—whose position the audience occupies in a way that arguably addresses each individual viewer in a way that performance in a theater could not—with how the United States has always mythologized the politics of property and the ways in which brutality creates profit, as well as how white America has both defined and Othered American Blackness. The play makes great use of screen sharing as Dr. NWA provides her students with a range of examples including a painting of Columbus and an 1830s cartoon depicting a white man kneeling on a Black man's neck. Enzo gives a potent performance with some touches of sardonic humor and ultimately, the play challenges the students, and thus the audience, to recognize that, without the excuse or willful adoption of ignorance, there is consequently no excuse for inaction."
                                                    --John R. Ziegler and Leah Richards 

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